Flashback Friday, my Paris adventure

This Flashback Friday post is a slightly different story from the outdoor adventures that I normally share. The New Year tends to bring the notion of holidays and places to visit, but I felt like looking back to one of the favourite, but slightly different, holidays spent with my family.

Our adventure to Paris.

Paris is a place that I’d wanted to visit for such a long time, but we’d always tended not to choose a ‘touristy’ experience for a holiday. However, as a birthday treat, we decided to give it a go. My husband arranged everything for us to have a true experience of Paris. The travel details, the accommodation, visiting the sights – he arranged it all and also invited my parents, so that we could have a big family adventure, and the experience was amazing.

We stayed in a beautiful converted farm-house on a  working farm. This gave us a holiday combined with a bit of the outdoors experience. We also had a swimming pool, and our back garden looked onto a little river which was home to 3 geese. My daughter would be up and out of bed early every morning, just to feed the birds with her Grandad. We were also able to roam the grounds of the farm, exploring the countryside and spotting the variety of animals that lived there.

It was idyllic.


 To get to Paris, we took the train from the local station in the village and an hour later we were in the centre of Paris. It really was that easy.

We went to the Eiffel Tower, saw the Notre Dame cathedral and mastered the art of the Metro to get us across the city. We bought some beautiful street art and my absolute favourite was being able to do 3 of the things that were on my bucket list.

1: Going to the Paris catacombs.

2: Having coffee and cake in an outside Paris cafe.

3: Visiting the Louvre.

I manged to do all 3 things in one holiday. It was fantastic, a real once in a lifetime opportunity for me and we managed to take our daughter to Disneyland Paris, which was also a dream come true for her.

paris blog

We all agreed that it was one of the most amazing holidays we’d ever had, and we treasure every memory of our experience. It was a great family holiday and we were happily surprised that we loved our ‘tourist’ adventure.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a step into the dark, and try something new.

You never know how great it may turn out.



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6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday, my Paris adventure

  1. Ann Davies

    Hi Kim,

    That took me back to my honeymoon in Paris!! What a fab place. Spent 5 wonderful days there doing those ‘touristy’ things and as you said left with such fond memories!!!

    Ann xXx

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Ann, glad you enjoyed the post and it brought back happy memories for you. Such a wonderful place to visit. We loved it!

  2. jennypaulin

    ahhh now this took me back to 2003 when me and my 2 best friends went to Paris for a long weekend to celebrate one of them turning 30. We had a great time and managed to see most of the sights that the city is famout for. Happy days and lots of laughing too 🙂 your photos are so lovely and it really sounds like a wonderful holiday
    thank you for sharing it x x

    • Thank you for letting us share. Was great to be able to share a lovely family holiday and great memories. Would go back tomorrow if we could.

  3. don’t forget the open air markets ( Sunday and Wednesday )
    selling cheese, veg and the spit roast chickens with the roast potatoes cooked in the dripping fat from the chickens. all washed down with some local red wine what a way to put weight on

    • The list of things we enjoyed from our holiday is endless. You got me wanting that chicken now, all of us fighting over the last few spuds. Forgot to mention yours, mums and olivias lovely waterproof macs you brought when we were in Disney too. Such a brilliant holiday.

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