Country Kids At The Beach

Finally, after many days of rain, we had a dry and sunny afternoon last weekend. We decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather and visit one of our local beaches at Barry Island. Made famous by ‘Gavin and Stacey’, Barry Island is a traditional, old-fashioned sea-side beach with amusement arcades, shops selling chips in cones, candy floss on sticks and sweet rock with words through the middle. My favourite are the tuppenny slot machines, where you roll your copper coins down a slide and try desperately to win more. What else could you want at the sea-side.

After parking the car, we headed straight to a shop that sells fresh doughnuts. They came all warm in a paper bag and sprinkled with sugar. They were delicious. As we licked the last of the sugar from our lips and fingers, we headed down to the beach which was full of other families all making the most of the lovely weather.

After the recent storms, the beach was awash with driftwood which we used as our obstacle course, climbing over bits of wood and balancing on tree trunks that had been washed up on the sand.


Next came the building of an alien, who had crash-landed flat in the sand from outer space. We used sea weed for hair, sticks for ears and made waves and patterns in the body with shells and other random objects we found on the beach. I forgot how lovely it is to just sit on the sand sculpting shapes with your hands. We all got lost in the design of our little friend and spent nearly an hour creating our own piece of sand-art. Andy Goldsworthy would have been proud!


After that, we made our way down the sea to enjoy the last few moments of the sun before it set behind the cliffs. We played tag and made snake lines in the sand with our sticks. We headed up the shops, carried on the scent of golden crispy fried chips. We treated ourselves to a tray of chips with a splash of gravy, and it was all washed down with a mug of steaming sweet tea. Delicious!


We had such a lovely afternoon at the beach, recharging our batteries and feeling the sun on our faces. For me, this is why I enjoy living in Wales – I feel  so lucky to have such beautiful environments close by. The lovely beaches,  the mountains and forests, and Brecon only a 40 minute drive away. We have it all.

Let’s all just hope these sunny, crisp days come again soon, so that everyone can take some time out, and make the best of whatever the great outdoors has to offer.

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12 thoughts on “Country Kids At The Beach

  1. We love Wales too, they have the best beaches, we go on holiday there a lot and my son loves running along the huge sandy expenses. I love your sand alien art, what a great idea.

    • Thank you, such a lovely day and and so easy. Think i’m so lucky to have such great beaches near to me. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I love beaches in winter far more than in summer (I am hopeless at sunbathing!) – so much to discover and so much quieter! Our beaches here in Normandy are very different from Barry Island – wide expanses of sand when the sea goes right out but plenty of shells and seaweed when the winter tide comes in. And of course the local cafés are all about pancakes and coffee – chips, yes but no gravy to be seen!!

    • Hi, we adore France and have visited Normandy a few times. We love wandering along the beaches at winter looking for driftwood, I think as long as your wrapped up warm you can’t go wrong. Thank you for lovely comments and enjoy those pancakes.

  3. Like you in Cornwall we have the best of both worlds, beautiful countryside and gorgeous beaches to enjoy. What a bright day you had for your fun and adventure at the beach and who can resist the smell of doughnuts and chips. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  4. Kim Carberry

    hahaha as soon as you said Barry Island thought of Gavin and Stacey…lol
    What wonderful photos! It looks such a lovely beach! Looks like you had fantastic fun x

    • Thought I would have to get it in, lots of Gavin and Stacey photographs in all the shops! Was so nice to have a dry day.

  5. That beach looks lovely. We live in Cardiff but haven’t really ventured to Barry Island yet. My daughter has just started walking so a beach would be great for her to burn off some energy!
    Just found your blog from the country kids link up – I’m off to read more now 🙂

    • Thank you, what a lovely comment. Its such a good beach if you live in Cardiff. Easy to get to and lovely traditional sea side food to eat. Hope you enjoy the rest of my blog. I tend to feature alot of attractions in and around the Cardiff area.

  6. Joanna Chittenden

    Looks like you had a lovely day:) I managed to get to Ogmore Beach on Saturday despite the weather! Was rainy, windy & cold but so glad I went as I collected lots of interesting debris that had been washed up on the strand line, according to Countryfile the Wintertime is the best time to go as the storms bring more in.
    Looking forward to creating some art with my finds soon!


    • Hi Jo, Ogmore is great for driftwood. Tony has picked up lots of interesting pieces, our shed is getting quite full! I’m sure your art creations will look amazing and I’ll be on the look out to see what you create.

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